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About Us



Allow me to introduce Integra Rehab. We are celebrating 20 years in business this year, staffing a group of healthcare professionals with the experience to effectively make a difference in peoples’ lives. 

As a Service Provider, Therapist Owned and operated we offer 


Efficient customized Contract Rehab Therapy 

Consulting Services for PDPM and Part B utilization

Management of staff services

Transition of Contract to in-house services.


Partnering with our clients in providing quality healthcare, while optimizing Rehab Function Profitability. 


Integra Rehab also has the experience in facilitating cost effective organizational startups and census building recognizing the challenges faced in developing an efficient Rehab Function. 


Integra Rehab supplies a Compliance training system to include denial prevention and appeals, restorative aide certification, and in-service manuals following PDPM guidelines.  We also provide Revenue generating tracking systems to ensure optimal Medicare CMG reimbursements, as well as MDS contributions. 


Our Marketing Plus Program includes a Physician consultant and partners with local hospitals to ensure a referral basis is established.


We have created the opportunity of providing our experience in developing Rehab Functions for Start Up Facilities as well as expounding on how being locally owned and operated can be cost effective, it can also be advantageous in organizing an efficient Staff with Team Chemistry and Continuity vital to healthcare optimization.


Integra’s Mission Statement is to apply the highest ethical standards, commitment to personal integrity, and the pursuit of excellence to ensure the highest quality of Rehabilitation services to our clients. 


Let us help you succeed!

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