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Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy 

This type of treatment can help if you have pain, injury, illness, or a disability that makes it hard for you to do your job or schoolwork, care for yourself, complete household chores, move around, or take part in activities.

Occupational therapy (OT) teaches you how to adapt. It can help you perform any kind of task at school, work, or in your home. You’ll learn how to use tools (you may hear them called assistive devices) if you need them.

You’ll meet with a health professional called an occupational therapist who can come up with ways to change your movements so you can get your work done, take care of yourself or your home, play sports, or stay active.

It can help you do specific things like:

  • Eat without help from others

  • Take part in leisure activities

  • Do office work

  • Bathe and get dressed

  • Do laundry or clean up around the house

They get special graduate training in occupational therapy. You’ll probably hear them called OTs. They must be licensed and pass a national exam to be certified to practice.

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