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Kenneth H. Vasquez PTA shares his experience through this COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout my therapist career of 6 years I have seen many changes and have delt with critical patients, nothing has compared to the impact of the present situation with this COVID-19 pandemic.

With heavy presence of anxiety and uncertainty my patients have come to me looking for answers. Seeing the fear that it has brought to the Skilled Nursing Facilities in general I feel it is our duty to reassure and comfort our patients that at this time only have us speak to on a daily basis.

Reassurance is key to keeping the spirits of these individuals directly and indirectly affected by the virus. When the President placed the restriction of family members from visiting residents at the Skilled Living Facility, we as a whole therapy department decided we would step up and show these patients they are not alone.

Our company provided technology for us to be able to utilize with our patients to contact their families via FaceTime and have seen patients smile and feel at ease throughout this unprecedented time knowing they can still communicate with their family members. Although at this time they cannot be physically united with their family members we have provided them with resources so that they can be virtually connected with them, with help of their caring therapists, such as myself and my fellow colleagues.

I can’t share enough how proud I am to be a therapist at this critical time, knowing that our patient need us now more than ever.

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