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Lewis Whitt Shares his story through this Covid-19 pandemic

These unprecedented times have brought feelings of uncertainty to our residents at our long term care facilities. With constant change coming and new protocols in place for the faculty to reduce the spread of the virus. Our residents feel a sense of security and ease knowing we are working tirelessly to protect them.

Lewis Whitt a resident at our long term care facility, Patriot Wellness and Rehabilitation Center in El Paso, TX shares his thoughts on the affects of COVID-19 and how he feels safer under our care.

When asked on the current pandemic Whitt stated " this is a very serious thing happening" Even tho Whitt is currently residing at the LTCF he stated " I believe the nursing home is the safest place to be at this time".

As our nursing and therapy staff are making all efforts on maintining our resident's psychosocial and cognitive well being, Whitt explained how he "feels wonderful" being able to participate in Therapy. Therapy has helped take "his mind off of things" and allows him to be around a positive and encouraging environment as he gets to interact with his therapist and complete his exercise regimen daily.

In short nursing and therapy staff play a huge role in assuring our residents that regardless of all the changes happening at this time, they can count on their daily routine to continue.

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